Manufacturing process

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“IRELAND Valves manufacturing process includes every step from the design of the valve to its delivery.”


The design of IRELAND valves products is performed by a flexible, dynamic and experienced Research Department using an up-to-date CAD tool (Pro-Engineer Wildfire).


IRELAND Valves is equipped with a high performance machine park including:

  • lathes
  • milling machines
  • machining centres
  • lapping machines
  • welding work stations


The produced valves undergo numerous and stringent checking steps thanks to our reliable and advanced control means including:

  • dimensional measuring instruments, roughness tester
  • metallurgical test means (ferrite level measurement, …)
  • hydraulic test benches (up to 2500 bar)
  • pneumatic test benches (up to 1000 bar)
  • helium mass spectrometer
  • cryogenic test bench
  • safety valves test benches
  • automated valves coefficient flow measurement bench

The delivered valves are obviously cleaned. O2 cleanliness level is IRELAND Valves standard and is reached thanks to ultrasonic cleaning baths. Moreover, the machining and the assembly of our valves are performed in two separate workshops.